Why International Development?

Why did I choose to study International Development (INDEV)?

When it comes to International Development, foreign policy, and anything political science related I go into full nerd mode. I am extremely proud of my subscription to Foreign Policy magazine and would love nothing more than to spend hours reading news articles and listening to news reports. Constantly being on the receiving end of international development and political related news helped me realize that I would rather be dealing first hand with these issues instead of reading about them. Therefore, after coming to terms with the fact that the chances of me becoming an Olympic swimmer were as bleak as the chances of me owning a pet beluga, I decided to pursue the next best thing: INDEV.  As Charles Wright once sang “Whatever you do, do it good” and I thought, once given the chance, I could do INDEV “good”.


3 thoughts on “Why International Development?

  1. Great intro Rasha 🙂 I had no idea you were so into policy… very cool!

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