A Little Bit of Good in a Sea of Bad: Syrian father reunited with his son

The man at the beginning of the video is not the boy’s dad, his father comes into the video after the 1 minute mark.

After the chemical weapon attack by Assad’s forces on the suburbs of Damascus, over 1300 civilians were killed and entire families were wiped out. Subsequently, videos showing bodies stacked in rooms, hospitals flooded with the injured, and the horrible side effects Sarin gas had on the victims filled the internet. However, one video, taken by a Syrian activist and raking in viewer numbers after being shared by the Washington Post, featured a little heartwarming moment in a country scarred by the horrors of an oppressive regime.
This video shows the moment a father was reunited with his son after losing him during the gas attack and believing that he did not survive. The video is all you can imagine and more, filled with raw emotions of sorrow, joy, shock, fear and desperation. It does not take a native Arabic speaker to understand what’s going on. The father’s face says it all as he sees his son again for the first time after fearing the worst.

The father can be constantly heard thanking god and the people who brought back his son in Arabic. At some point while he is holding his son in his lap and looking at him you can hear him say “its dad, it’s okay I am here, I’m dad”.

Commentary at the end of the video

During the final couple of minutes the video shows a man dressed in brown wishing Bashar Al Assad all the ills of the world and talking about how he single-handedly destroyed a country. The man sitting beside the father then shares his own sorrowful story saying that he lost three of his kids, his wife and his brother during the attack. The person taking the video asks if they have been found, the man replies with a desperate and tearful “No… they are all dead and buried”. Yet he does not for a second, except when sharing the fate of his family, show anything but happiness for the father and his son.

Warning: the video might be upsetting to some viewers (definite tear jerker!)


Drunk on Petroleum


Remember how we have been told that in order to improve our job market after the recession we should invest in oil and gas production? shockingly… investing in fossil fuel production is not the right step towards increasing employment opportunities (OR the earth’s sustainability).

Take a look at this blue green report about how Canada can create more jobs by investing in clean energy: http://bluegreencanada.ca/sites/default/files/resources/More%20Bang%20for%20Buck%20Nov%202012%20FINAL%20WEB.pdf